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Songs with a riot theme: "The Motor City is Burning," by Detroit-based blues legend John Lee Hooker; it was later covered by the MC5, which changed some of the lyrics, substituting, for instance, "Gestapo" for "police."

Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects

from LeadingEdgeInternational Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA: Electronic implants in brain and teeth ...

Rajasthan seeks formation of Inter-State Basin Authority ...

Rajasthan has sought establishment of an Inter-State Basin Authority with the powers to resolve disputes among different States on sharing of river waters. The desert State does not agree with a proposal to set up an integrated group of watershed agencies, which it says will not serve any meaningful ...

Violence breaks out in France as gangs and riot police clash ...

Violence breaks out across France as gangs and riot police clash in towns and cities during traditional May Day demonstrations Violence broke out across France today as thousands took to the streets for the traditional May Day demonstrations

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REVEL & RIOT is a non-profit organization.We use the t-shirt as a canvas to promote LGBTQ equality, pride, visibility and justice.

Riot control - Wikipedia

Riot control refers to the measures used by police, military, or other security forces to control, disperse, and arrest people who are involved in a riot, demonstration, or protest.

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Kettling (also known as containment or corralling) is a police tactic for controlling large crowds during demonstrations or protests.It involves the formation of large cordons of police officers who then move to contain a crowd within a limited area.